A lot of people say a primer is not necessary and it doesn’t really do anything, but I think it all depends on your skin type. I have an oily/combination skin and this primer works well for me. It is the first ever primer I’ve used. And I wont say it made a lot of different but it made a little.

Smashbox cosmetics is a huge brand in the US. The have primers for all skin type. I got the oily free one. What a primer is does is, it makes your skin appear smooth, reduce any fine lines, and fill in pores. It gives an even platform for the foundation or any make up you apply on top. It makes your makeup last longer. This one comes in an opaque gel form. It leaves a smooth matte finish on your skin. It doesn’t have any smell to it at all. You can hardly feel it on your skin.


I won’t say it makes my makeup last a very long time but it does make it last more than usual, for about 6 hours at least. Smashbox also makes a green and lavender colored primer for skin with redness and blemishes. 3/5.

If you find any other primer which is good, lemme know! :)

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