Meiji Amino Collagen Review

I have been using Amino Collagen since about a month now. I must say was quite apprehensive about trying out the product, since my skin is dry and sensitive. But I am very happy that I gave it a try, because the results are for me, and everyone else to see! The powder claims to provide a salvaging effect on the skin, revitalizing it and providing it with collagen that is a crucial element of skin. Our skin feels soft and supple throughout adolescence and in the 20s, because of the presence of collagen, which soon starts reducing in amount. The less production, as I read in the product description, leads to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. In my case, which is excessively dry skin, these lines started appearing right at the onset of my twenties, and that worried me a lot. After a number of unsuccessful attempts and experiments with different products, I decided to use Amino Collagen, although quite gingerly. The bottle and packaging is without any gimmicks. The powder can be added to all types of food, irrespective of the form. I chose to consume it via liquids like juices and beverages like tea. And within a week, I could see subtle changes. My skin started improving – the lines on my forehead seemed to decrease. I did think I was imagining it and decided to wait for a few weeks more, curbing my excitement. But the product kept working its magic, and I found fine lines disappearing! My facial skin seemed supple and after about four weeks, I can definitely say there is a youthful glow to my skin! I highly recommend it for all ladies.

Pros : affordable, easy to use, quick action on the skin, eases wrinkles swiftly

Cons : none so far


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